Teaching Staff

Name Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/              Un-trained Probation/ Confirmed Regular/ Contract MOBIL NO:-
ANANT KUMAR JHA Principal I/C 30-Jan-65 8/12/2014 Trained Confirmed Regular 8132871738
GENLAWM THANG PGT (Biology) 16-Apr-74 29-Oct-09 Trained Confirmed Regular 9436104207
VIJAY KUMAR PGT (Comp.Sc) 10-Aug-80 25-Aug-12 Un-trained Confirmed Regular 9402625066
OM PRAKASH PGT (Physics) 23-Dec-86 28-Jan-13 Trained Probation Regular 9774940110
Mritunjay Kumar Jha PGT (Geography) 18-Jan-79 28-Jan-13 Trained Probation Regular 9774940014
RAJESH SHUKLA PGT (Hindi) 7-Aug-87 7-Aug-15 Trained Confirmed Regular 8004294295
TEJINDER PAUL SINGH PGT (Maths) 16-Dec-83 18-07-2015 Trained Confirmed Regular 9888198040
SANJEEV KUMAR PGT (English) Trained Confirmed Regular
SHIV KUMAR SHUKLA PGT (History) 15-Dec-76 16-Oct-15 Trained Probation Regular 9453938394
SARITA DUBEY PGT (Chemistry) 5-Apr-89 3-Aug-15 Trained N/A Contract 9612645816
Aroti Bora PGT (Economics) 24-Jul-77 3-Jul-13 Trained N/A Contract 9435976374
ANAMIKA SHOME TGT (Hindi) 17-Nov-74 15-Jul-06 Trained Confirmed Regular
HEMA YADAV TGT (Hindi) 27-Jul-84 4-Aug-12 Trained Not Confirmed Regular
RAKESH KUMAR TGT (English) 12-Nov-76 3-Aug-12 Trained Confirmed Regular 80119827791
KRISHNA MURARI SHUKLA TGT (English) 20-Dec-85 9-Jul-15 Trained Probation Regular 9455304015
S.K. SRIVASTAVA TGT (S.St) 15-Jul-71 27-Jun-07 Trained Confirmed Regular 7308147110
ABHIJIT SAIKIA TGT (Maths) 14-Aug-64 14-Aug-13 Trained Probation Regular 9864702660
MANISH KUMAR TGT (Maths) 6-Mar-88 21-Jul-15 Trained N/A Contract 825706420
G.C. DEKA TGT (Assamese) 29-Mar-72 13-Aug-04 Trained Confirmed Regular 9402476842
S.K. DEKA TGT (Assamese) 23-May-78 1-Jul-06 Trained Confirmed Regular 9402476842
J.K. BHAWARKAR TGT (Music) 7-Dec-78 27-May-06 Trained Confirmed Regular
BISWADIP NANDI Art Teacher 21-Jan-77 27-May-06 Un-trained Confirmed Regular 9436252497
HIMADRI TIWARI TGT Science 20-Feb-91 1-Jul-15 Trained N/A Contract 8974778746
V. LAXMA REDDY Librarian 30-Jul-76 29-May-06 Trained Confirmed Regular
N. BHEIGYACHANDRA PET Male 1-Jan-69 10-Oct-95 Trained Confirmed Regular
SASHI KUMAR GUPTA FCSA 1-Jun-86 7-Jan-15 Trained N/A Contract 9859358032
M.NIKLEN DEVI PET FEMALE 7-Mar-86 1-Jul-15 Trained N/A Contract 8415076621